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Labuan Offshore Company

A Labuan offshore company may be incorporated in Labuan to transact any business that is lawful in Malaysia. The exceptions are banking and insurance which require additional licenses.

The Labuan offshore company is not permitted to do business with residents of Malaysia or shipping operations in Malaysia or act as a trust company except as permitted by the Offshore Banking Act or by the Registrar.

The company shall only transact business in, from or through Labuan.

The Labuan offshore company may carry on business with Malaysian residents to: - maintain deposits - to avail of the services of attorneys, accountants, trust companies to act as resident director, company secretary, management company and investment advisor.

All applications for a new company must be filed through an authorized trust company. There are exceptions for existing foreign offshore companies.

Every offshore company shall be limited by shares.

Labuan Offshore Requirements

Every company shall have a registered office in Labuan said office shall be the principle office of a trust company. The trust company also provides the Resident Secretary and performs the secretarial duties of the offshore company. Each offshore company must have at least one Director, who may be resident or non resident. Members meetings may be held in any country. Audited annual returns must be remitted to the Registrar.

Companies can use words in romanized characters of most national languages of any country which connote a joint stock company limited by shares, or any abbreviation thereof, such as: Corporation, Incorporated, Corp. or Inc.; Limite, Ltd.; Public Limited Company abbreviation P.L.C. ; Societe Anonyme, Sociedad Anonima , S.A; Aktiengesellschaft, A.G. ; Naamloze Vennootschap, N.V.; Perseroan Terbatas, P.T.. Berhad or Bhd may be used if an L is added to the name. There are no minimum capital requirements and bearer shares are not allowed. The annual fee for offshore company is RM2,600 while for foreign offshore company is RM5,300.

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